Shazam Unveils Feature Where Fans Can Discover Upcoming Concerts

Apple recently introduced a fresh addition to the iOS edition of the Shazam app, referred to as the “Concerts” segment. In Shazam version 17.0, this noble feature suggests concerts categorized as either “For You” or “Popular”, and users have the option to refine their choices by location and bookmark the concerts that pique their interest.

In addition, this fresh section provides details about the concert venue and a direct link to buy tickets for each event. When you select a particular concert, you can choose to save it within the Shazam app and schedule it as an event in your calendar. Furthermore, the app presents music from the band or artist performing at the event, which you can enjoy directly within Shazam or seamlessly switch to Apple Music or Spotify, depending on your linked service preferences.

Apple Music Guides available on Maps offer users valuable recommendations for discovering top live music venues in various locations, allowing them to explore a venue’s upcoming events directly through Maps. Set Lists on Apple Music feature a variety of prominent tours, enabling fans to access set lists, learn about the performances, and check out artists’ forthcoming shows in their region by utilizing Shazam’s concert discovery module.

At the beginning of this year, a Shazam update was introduced, allowing users to recognize songs being played in various other applications like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Although the functionality may not be completely flawless, it represents a pioneering move in the realm of such apps. Apple’s acquisition of Shazam has significantly boosted the app’s performance by seamlessly integrating it with Apple services, resulting in over one billion song matches every month across both iOS and Android devices.

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