Sainte Vie’s Labyrinth EP Is A Sound Design Masterpiece

The electronic producer and live performer, Sainte Vie, originally from Mexico, released his latest EP titled Labyrinth, which is now available through RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue Records. The two-parter EP showcases Sainte Vie’s exceptional skill in sound creation. Labyrinth represents a vivid and ever-evolving manifestation of Sainte Vie’s unique sound design. Through this EP, Sainte Vie takes listeners on a captivating journey into a fantastical realm of his own creation.

Sainte Vie described the EP saying:

Labyrinth is an EP inspired by sound design and dream interpretation. Haunted dreams defying reality, face your fears, find the heart of the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth EP

The EP begins with the enchanting song ‘Suspenso‘, which has a duration of a generous seven minutes. In this instrumental composition, Sainte Vie acquaints us with his musical realm through compelling synth accents and rhythmic drum sequences. As the track evolves it pulls you into Sainte Vie’s mystical world and you can feel the suspense build.

The title track of the EP, ‘Labyrinth‘, encourages listeners to explore Sainte Vie’s dreamlike world on a more profound level. This 6-minute musical masterpiece features eerie vocals, which contribute to intensifying the enigmatic atmosphere of the EP.

As you journey through this musical maze, you’ll become captivated by the complex melodies and mesmerizing rhythms, immersing yourself in a realm where creativity has no limits.

Pablo Piña Hernandez (born November 1994), best known as Sainte Vie, is a Mexican electronic music producer, sound engineer, and founder of Akumandra. He’s currently based in NYC. He has previously worked alongside Who Made Who and provided remixes for artists such as Acid Pauli and Sam Shure. Sainte Vie has built a reputation for his mesmerising soundscapes and deeply melancholic melodies.