New REZZMAU5 Collab ‘Infraliminal’ Out Now

Canadian mid-tempo Bass DJ/Producer REZZ and GRAMMY Nominated DJ/Producer deadmau5 have a long rich history working together ever since deadmau5 picked up the (at the time) rising star, REZZ, for multiple releases on his label mau5trap. Over the years, mau5trap has become a bastion for trailblazing and genre-defying artists. Fast forward to the present day, the two legends stand as leaders of the Electronic Music genre. Their 2021 collaboration ‘Hypnocurrency‘ and their recent REZZMAU5 headlining slot at Canada’s Veld Music Festival this past summer have shown the world how well they work together to create sonic mastery. Now the pair are uniting once again as REZZMAU5 for the release of ‘Infraliminal’ out today, October 13 on mau5trap. Listen here.

Shape-shifting rat-tat-tat beats, pulsing synths and atmospheric chords as first heard on deadmau5 classic ‘Superliminal‘ from his 2012 album >album title goes here< are revisited and reinvigorated by both artists for REZZMAU5. “‘Superliminal’ is my favorite deadmau5 track“, REZZ says. “That’s one of the key songs that stunned me & I immediately had to learn to produce music“.

“I put my own lil spin on it, while Joel also did his own lil spin, and we combined it together for now called ‘Infraliminal’


Look for REZZMAU5 to reunite once again live at Hijinx in Philadelphia on December 30, 2023.  For more information and tickets, log on here: HiJinx Festival | Philadelphia, PA.