Marco Faraone – ‘Emergency’

Marco Faraone makes a comeback on Drumcode, offering a contemporary techno twist to the timeless Italian classic ‘Emergency 911’ by Prezioso feat. Marvin. Faraone’s introduction to the world of dance music began when he was only 12 years old, with the release of ‘Emergency 911’ in 2000 on Time Records. This track ignited his passion for dance music at an early age, eventually leading him to explore the realms of house and techno during his teenage years.

Initially made just for his sets, it quickly built up a big following with ID hunters and ravers alike, when Faraone gave it to Adam Beyer who first played it in his Ultra Miami set b2b with Eric Prydz.

Faraone talked about his process for this track saying

“I was lying in bed one day listening to some old dance records for fun and ‘Emergency 911’ came on and I decided right in this moment to bring it back to life by sampling the vocal from the vinyl and making a techno re-work that would be an exclusive for my sets.”

Upon hearing Faraone’s contemporary rendition, it comes as no shock that it received the endorsement of the renowned Time Records (along with numerous enthusiastic electronic music enthusiasts on the hunt for track IDs). This is dynamic and robust techno that employs the iconic sample with exhilarating results.