Joris Voorn & Nathan Nicholson – You & I

Joris Voorn has an eye on the future. The upcoming Nathan Nicholson finds himself as a part of Voorn’s own imprint, Spectrum Music. ‘You & I’ marks the first association of the two. It is intended to be the first in a sequence of new music to be introduced tentatively over the course of the next year. Joris had disclosed that the plan is to consolidate into an album in 2024.

Nicholson had collaborated with an impressive roster till date. These include the likes of Tinlicker, Luke Bond, Hannah Wants and Tom Staar. Dutch legend Joris is a self-proclaimed enthusiast of the American singer and songwriter. An association was long due on the cards as a result. Nathan’s vocals blend in tandem with the characteristic Voorn sound.

The less than four-minute composition is an uplifting dance floor banger styled around the 80’s melodies and percussion. It has the complete potential to fuse into Joris’ sets in the future with the capability to enthrall all on the floor. Get grooving to this new single which is sure to not leave you disappointed, if not enchanted.