I Will Leave A Light On – Le Youth, Lane 8 (Sultan + Shepard Remix)

As if I Will Leave A Light On wasn’t mind-blowing enough, out comes a surprise remix by our favourite duo Sultan + Shepard. Out today on all streaming platforms, listen here.

I Will Leave A Light On – Remix

The signature Sultan + Shepard sound with a bit of a differing pace is, the, remix. The melodic tune really just gets me up from my seat, and is a sound I didn’t know I needed. The pace and beats of the remix are so unique from the original. Jyll’s vocals strike your heartstrings like no other. Sultan + Shepard’s remix of Le Youth & Lane 8‘s sound is at the same frequency but with their distinct take. I don’t know how to put the love I have for this duo’s sound in words. They may always make me skip a heartbeat with their sound. The whole last minute of the song is an extended version, one where Sultan + Shepard‘s tune takes us on a bewildering journey.

I Will Leave A Light On – Original

The first-ever collaboration between maestro Lane 8 and Le Youth – and I think one of the top melodic tracks of the year. An emotional journey that the song takes us on – through those days where all we need is one person to leave the light on. Jyll’s hypnotic strong vocals give the melancholic track an even greater impact. The collaboration of her, Wes and Daniel is truly unique.

Sultan + Shepard are no strangers to the label. The duo along with Wes have been some of the most popular artists on the This Never Happened Label. They are the key stakeholders of the mixtapes that have created a platform of their own for Daniel. Truly a treat listening to the music the duo produced!

We are sure that these artists are the ones to watch the Melodic House genre! Lane 8 has definitely given us more new music than we anticipated from himself and through his label. I can’t wait to see him live in a few weeks at Dreamstate. You can also see Sultan + Shepard through the remaining part of their North American tour. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your latest music and news.