Enrico Sangiuliano Releases ‘Glitch In Time’ EP

Enrico Sangiuliano is back today with another essential EP: Glitch In Time on his NINETOZERO label. The Glitch In Time EP comes ahead of Enrico’s fifth all-night-long event, SOLO #5, at D-Edge in São Paulo on November 3rd. It features some innovative sounds from next-generation talents Alex Lentini & STOMP BOXX, Antonio D’Africa & Sall and Mattia Saviolo. Listen to the EP here

NINETOZERO is Enrico Sangiuliano’s transient label that will put out 10 chapters in all. Each one is a new development in sound from this Techno titan as he looks to disrupt the notion of perpetual music.

The Glitch In Time EP

This collaborative Glitch In Time EP with Italian producer collective The Sentinels came about after regular conversations about music and production on WhatsApp, when Enrico at a certain point in time shared the concept of ‘Glitch In Time’. They decided that each of them could approach this chapter in their own signature style. The result is a strong collection of tracks, each providing an intriguing translation of the concept. 

Sangiuliano’s own ‘Glitch In Time‘ opens up and is a twitching Techno roller with heavy drums thudding down low and warped synths and freaky vocals all bring the detail as the tension builds. Sweeping filters and pulsing synths ensure maximum impact for this futuristic track.

Alex Lentini and STOMP BOXX embraced a challenge in an unexplored field, expanding their knowledge of electronics. They offer two tracks on the digital EP, reflecting their background and analogue techno culture while unveiling a new artistic identity. ‘Arresto Momentum’ showcases distinctive raw and deep melody textures, blending rave elements, strobe lighting, raw Techno drums, and saw-tooth synth buzz. Meanwhile, ‘Diagonal Matrix’ is a dramatically charged composition with broken drum beats, futuristic synths, and melancholic chords, guiding the audience into a new sonic world that reveals another side of their personality.