Elrow To Take Over Drumsheds In London For Horroween

Elrow is making its way to London for its esteemed Horroween party. They will take over Drumsheds and each of its 3 rooms for a party you won’t want to miss. The lineup is awe-inspiring, featuring Claptone, Dombresky, Solardo, and 12 more world-class artists. If you haven’t seen photos from this party you are in for a treat. The decorations will put you right in the heart of the Roween mansion, Victoria’s house of the damned. It will truly be a terrifying experience.

This is the most frightening, macabre, and chilling House of Terrowr ever seen in the history of cinema. Victoria’s home is between the library and the derelict hospital of Rowbelan City. The only way to get there is by going through the dark tunnel of terror and running for your life through the pumpkin garden until you reach the enchanted wood of spider webs and dead trees. And there, right in front of you and the family graveyard, you’ll find the ROWEEN mansion. 

This mansion is a chaos of living dead, party zombies, dance-floor monsters, and blood-abstemious vampires. A hell that’s one helluva place to be. Find your corpse bride among scared priests and rampant nuns.

Photography by Luke Dyson (fb.com/lukedysonphotography)

There is no better place to have this party than Drumsheds. Located in North London, Drumsheds is a unique space that was reimagined from unused warehouses. The space provides room for culture to thrive and the functional layout allows for the creation of distinct areas. It features multiple rooms on multiple levels.

Drumsheds is brought to you by Broadwick, the team behind venues such as Printworks London, Depot Mayfield in Manchester, and Magazine London. The place is huge and can host upwards of 15,000 people. Right when I heard about this venue, I knew I had to pay it a visit.