Elephante Teams Up With Amber Liu on Heartfelt Melodic Bass Ballad ‘Leave The Ground’

In a thrilling collision of musical worlds, Elephante (also known as Tim Wu) and multi-talented artist Amber Liu have come together to create an heartfelt melodic bass track ‘Leave The Ground‘. Amber Liu, known for her dynamic presence in both K-pop and the global music industry, brings her captivating vocals and charisma to the table. She’s no stranger to pushing boundaries, and her collaboration with Elephante is no exception. The track is the most recent single to be released from his upcoming debut album on his new label, DYNASTY SZN.

‘Leave The Ground’ is Elephante’s latest track that is something we haven’t seen done from him before as he moves forward on his latest chapter as a multi-faceted artist. The track is a touching ballad between Amber and is about two people deeply in love but aware that their paths in life are diverging away from each other. Despite their affection, they find themselves powerless against the relentless force that is drawing them apart. Sonically, the track is a mesmerizing soundscape that seamlessly combines cinematic orchestral sounds with intricate intricacies of future bass synths and rhythm. As the sounds unfold, they complement both Tim and Amber’s ethereal vocals as they belt out their tragic love story. In summary, ‘Leave The Ground’ is a beautiful tapestry that embodies the power of music to tell a story, ignite emotions, and bridge the gaps between different musical worlds.

“I’ve always wanted to do a big, ballady duet, and Amber was the perfect partner. Leave the Ground is about two people who are drifting apart. They’re still in love, but they both know that their lives are moving separate directions, like their gravities have been reversed. yet they can’t do anything to stop the inexorable force pulling them away from each other.” – ELEPHANTE