BREAKING: Mud Forces Tomorrowland Brazil to Cancel Day 2

This has been a tough year for festivals, but this latest difficulty brings back flashes of TomorrowWorld (Mudworld) 2015. Famously, it rained the entire week leading up to the festival causing the entire festival ground to be covered in mud. This snowballed into a much larger problem that brought down an entire company (SFX/Livestyle). Fast forward to 2023 and Tomorrowland Brazil is back, but facing a similar problem. The festival was scheduled to run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

However, there was a torrential downpour most of Thursday, leaving the festival grounds soaked. As the crowd made their way in and danced their hearts out, the mud overtook the entire festival area. Sadly, Tomorrowland Brazil has cancelled Day 2 as a result. A statement was posted on social media (shown below) explaining that the extreme rain on Thursday damaged festival areas, parking lots, and access roads that need to be properly restored. Clearly remembering the issues with TomorrowWorld in 2015, Tomorrowland is taking no chances this time and is giving the team more time to deal with the mud.

The festival does plan to open tomorrow for day 3 and Tomorrowland Brazil will host festival sets at the Gathering stage today for campers who are there. Even the well-oiled machine of Tomorrowland can encounter bad luck on occasion. We’re crossing our fingers for some of that beautiful Brazilian sunshine for day 3.