Ace Aura and Deadcrow Unleash Bass Collaboration ‘WAIT4U’ with Roniit

In an exciting and much-anticipated return to Monstercat Uncaged, the label-favorite Ace Aura has teamed up with Deadcrow and the multi-faceted artist Roniit for a thrilling debut collaboration that promises to leave bass music enthusiasts in awe. Titled ‘WAIT4U,’ this track is more than just a musical journey; it’s an adventure through the realms of bass music that pushes musicalboundaries with the creativity from all the artists involved.

‘WAIT4U’ is a testament to the production prowess of these three talented artists, each bringing their unique skills to the table. Deadcrow’s spellbinding hardwave soundscapes form the backbone of the track, setting the stage for a sonic experience that’s both haunting and electrifying. Ace Aura, known for his enthralling melodic riddim elements, seamlessly weaves his signature style into the mix, adding depth and complexity to the composition. Whereas Roniit’s sultry vocals take centerstage, weaving a story that resonates with the listener. As the track progresses, it surprises with a hardstyle fake-out in the second drop. The track then takes an unexpected turn, introducing rumbling kicks and rolling psytrance bass, solidifying an electrifying production and showcasing the creative talent of the three artists.

Ace Aura had this to say about the track: 

“I’ve been a fan of Deadcrow’s work for a while so I just decided one day to send him a DM on Instagram and see if he wanted to work on something. He was down and the rest is history!”

Deadcrow also chimed in with: “Ace Aura and I got in touch because he had already been playing out quite some hardwave stuff, and I already was a fan of what he was doing with melodic riddim. So inevitably we had to make a track together. The main focus was to bridge the gap between hardwave and melodic riddim/dubstep.”