Above & Beyond Celebrate Group Therapy 550 with Just a Radio Show

Above & Beyond made some massive bulletins about their 2023 plans this week. In a change of plans, the Anjuna leaders will probably be returning to the Gorge for Group Remedy Weekender once more this Summer time. There won’t be any ABGT celebration event in 2023 because the group is expected to be fully dedicated to crafting new music in the studio. This year, for the first time that we can remember, there is just a podcast episode to celebrate the milestone.

In their statement to the fans, Above & Beyond said

“For much of 2023 we’ll be locked away in the studio working on new music, which means we’ve decided to not do a major Group Therapy milestone show Until next year.”

While it will feel unusual not to have an ABGT event for the first time since 2013, this absence is a strong indicator that a new album and plenty of fresh content are on the horizon.

The last ABGT show was ABGT500 that took place in October of last year in Los Angeles, CA.

ABGT is a weekly radio program where Above & Beyond showcase their current preferred trance, progressive, and deep house tracks, frequently featuring a 30-minute guest DJ mix. Every 50 episodes, they host a special “birthday show” in various cities, with past locations including London, NYC, Sydney, Amsterdam, The Gorge, and Hong Kong, among others. These milestone shows have consistently been significant occasions, attracting fans of Above & Beyond from all corners of the world and reaching millions through broadcasting.