Yolanda Be Cool Unveil New Catchy Tune, ‘Hip Trumpets’

Yolanda Be Cool have released a new track, ‘Hip Trumpets’ featuring KVISION, and it has the potential to become a catchy worldwide hit. The Australian duo of Andrew Stanley and Matthew Handley, alongside countryman DCUP, became international sensations when they dropped ‘We No Speak Americano‘. ‘We No Speak Americano’ became a #1 hit in 2010 throughout multiple countries and it sampled ‘Tu vuò fà l’americano‘, a 1956 Neapolitan track from Italian singer Renato Carosone. In the United States, the song even reached ‘Platinum’ status after achieving 1 million units sold.

Yolanda Be Cool’s ‘Hip Trumpets’ proves that the duo are still very hip and cool in 2023

Fast forward to September 1, 2023, Yolanda Be Cool’s new track ‘Hip Trumpets’, which features KVISION, is a for-sure addictive track that will have fans dance nonstop just like if it was 2010. Yolanda Be Cool’s collaborating partner on the track, KVISION, is a very talented DJ/producer, also from Australia, and with a knack for trumpet playing. ‘Hip Trumpets’ provides the listeners with a catchy tune that mixes upbeat House music with vibrant trumpet rhythms that will start the Labor Day weekend right.

Be sure to click on this link to download and stream ‘Hip Trumpets’ now on various streaming platforms. Also, check the Spotify button below for a play.

Yolanda Be Cool Hip Trumpets
Photo Credit: Listen Up Press