Tik Tok Introduces New Technology to Label AI Generated Content

TikTok is introducing a fresh feature aimed at assisting content creators in labeling their AI-generated content. Creators are encouraged to apply this label to content that has undergone significant AI-based editing to align with the platform’s guidelines regarding synthetic media. The company says it felt the need to introduce AI labeling because AI content can potentially confuse or mislead viewers. Furthermore, Tik Tok added that AI enables incredible creative opportunities, but can potentially confuse or mislead viewers if they’re not aware content was generated or edited with AI. Labeling content helps address this, by making clear to viewers when content is significantly altered or modified by AI technology.

TikTok’s policy permits the removal of lifelike AI-generated images that lack proper disclosure. Nevertheless, apart from situations where AI is intentionally used to deceive users, some AI-created content can blur the line between appearing authentic or artificial. In this uncertain territory, greater transparency is generally welcomed by users, allowing them to discern whether the content they’re engaging with has undergone substantial editing or has been generated using AI.

In its renewed commitment to transparency, TikTok will rename all of its effects utilizing AI by explicitly incorporating “AI” into their names. This marks a departure from its previous stance of not disclosing this information.

To drive more clarity around AI-powered TikTok products, we are also renaming TikTok AI effects to explicitly include “AI” in their name and corresponding effects label, and updated our guidelines for Effect House creators to do the same.

– Tik Tok

The new label will help creators showcase the innovations behind their content, and they can apply it to any content that has been completely generated or significantly edited by AI. However, TikTok won’t impose penalties on creators who choose not to label their AI-generated content, as long as it doesn’t violate the existing synthetic media policy.

Furthermore, TikTok has stated its commitment to creating a system for the automatic identification and labeling of AI-generated content. Starting this week, TikTok will initiate testing of an “AI-generated” label, intended to be applied to any content that is identified as having been edited or produced using AI technology.

However, TikTok has refrained from divulging the precise methodology it will employ to identify potential AI-generated content. The company cited concerns that revealing these technical details could potentially enable malicious actors to circumvent its detection capabilities.