Spotify Is Testing ‘Share As Audio Surprise’ Feature

We’re already thinking about how to make the most out of this experiment.

We’re all familiar with Spotify and its services. Love them or hate them, they are at the top of the industry as of today, and for that, they’ve undergone a series of changes and experiments these past months. From a subscription price hike to a lyric paywall test, the streaming platform is no stranger to news headlines.

A new feature just sent Spotify to the top of the press once again: they’re testing more additions. One, in fact, that may change the way you look at Instagram Stories. They’re offering a new way to share songs to other apps. In particular, they’ve added an ‘Audio Surprise‘ option when about to share a track or album.

Is this a permanent feature?

Not for now. Some users reported the existence of the function, so it’s a testing phase for now. It’s hard to determine if and when it may become a standard feature for the app, and if so, which users will be able to use it.

Who knows, maybe there’s a new way of rickrolling friends and followers coming to our hands pretty soon. For now, enjoy a thematic playlist. Good songs are assured.

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