Rosehip Brings Out All the Chill Vibes With ‘Odyssey’

London-based DJ/producer Rosehip released his latest EP, Odyssey, and it is a perfect, chill EP to end the summer right. The Odyssey EP from Rosehip, which released by Xoji Records on September 15th, beautifully merges the laid-back genres of Chillwave and Lo-Fi with the upbeat genres of Electronica, Electro-Pop, and Future Bass. Each track on Odyssey provides that much-needed ambience that takes away the worries and problems of the outside world from the minds of the listeners, especially if those worries and problems come from their personal lives. The 5-track EP from Rosehip takes its outside influences from his latest adventures that he has partaken in through his own mobile studio/home.

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: Rosehip / Xoji Records

The natural wonders that influenced the tracks of Rosehip’s Odyssey

For over the past year, Rosehip had been traveling around in his mobile studio, which also operates as his own home. In fact, this mobile studio/home was originally a campervan that Rosehip converted into his own innovative mobile studio/home. Not only it is mobile home that he can take anywhere, it is also a comfortable vehicle that operates as a setting for him to create vibrant music. The tracks from Odyssey also takes its inspirations from the natural wonders that Rosehip has seen on his travels, especially on his latest travels throughout Scandinavia for the past few weeks (check out his Instagram profile).

The vehicle that Rosehip is currently utilizing for over the past year is on the cover of the Odyssey EP as well. The tracks of the EP are ‘Amber’, ‘Found’, ‘Yawn ft. Kali Says What’, ‘Bloom’, and ‘Nectar ft. Thpcmkr’. Click ‘Play’ on the SoundCloud link of Odyssey below to listen to the EP’s feel-good tracks now. The EP is a wonderful release that everyone can listen to, no matter what mood they are having.