Organizers of Electric Zoo 2023 Facing Class Action Lawsuit

The organizers of Electric Zoo (EZOO) are now facing a lawsuit as a result of the recent disastrous 2023 edition. Electric Zoo 2023 is now becoming a forgettable festival because of “supply chain issues” and “capacity limits”. The plaintiffs of the lawsuit are actually individuals who attended Electric Zoo 2023, Nicole Brockmole and Lauren Bair. Both individuals filed the lawsuit in a New York district court on Wednesday, September 13th. According to the Rolling Stone, the main reason for the suit is to seek damages on “behalf of all affected patrons who paid for ticket(s) for access or entry to [Electric Zoo] were not granted access”.

EZoo 2023 Issues

On Day 1 the festival was canceled only hours before the gates opened, blaming “global supply chain” issues that prevented them from building the mainstage on time. Refunds for the day were promised, but nothing has happened yet. As it turns out, the festival was not allowed to open by the city because the site was not ready, and it was the organizer’s fault for starting late. Then on Saturday, will-call lines stretched on for 3-4 hours. Finally on Sunday the festival hit capacity at around 6pm and told valid ticketholders to go home. This led to about 7,000 people crashing the gates.

Nicole Brockmole and Lauren Bair are seeking damages on behalf of all ticket holders who were denied entry to the Electric Zoo festival. The plaintiffs allege that the festival organizers violated the terms of the ticket contract by not providing an adequate explanation for the first day’s cancellation and by denying entry to approximately 7,000 ticket holders on Sunday. They describe the festival as a “nightmare” and say that they were “left stranded” and “disappointed.”

The complaint also alleges that the festival organizers were negligent in their planning and execution of the event. The plaintiffs say that the organizers failed to properly staff the event, which led to long lines and delays. They also say that the organizers failed to provide adequate security, which created a dangerous environment.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages for the costs of their tickets, travel, and accommodation, as well as for emotional distress. They are also seeking punitive damages to punish the festival organizers for their actions. The Complaint also alleges the the festival intentionally delayed’s Friday’s cancelation announcement to sell as many tickets as possible.

In addition to Friday’s cancellation, and perhaps more egregiously, things turned worse for Electric Zoo fans on Sunday when they were left to languish in heatwave for hours after being greeted by never ending lines to enter the festival and eventually denied entry because the venue was oversold and overcrowded


The lawsuit alleges the festival deceived attendees in a variety of ways to make attendees think the festival would occur without issue, when the facts on the ground made it obvious that the festival was plagued by issues and maybe should not have even occurred at all.