Kate Middleton To Star In Jax Jones Music Video

Chart-topping British DJ and producer Jax Jones is making headlines with an unexpected collaboration. In particular, one that involves none other than Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. In a unique and exciting project, Jones is working on integrating Kate Middleton’s dancing into the visual aesthetics of his live shows. Hot off the heels of ‘Need You Now’ with D.O.D, the news of this collaboration has generated significant buzz in the music and royal circles.

Jones enthusiastically shared his hopes, stating, “I want ideally both Kate and Will, but if it’s just Kate then that is also more than cool—just them dancing in time“.

Jax Jones first crossed paths with the British royal couple after his performance at the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Following the show, Jones had the opportunity to spend time with Kate and William around Buckingham Palace.

“We all got talking—they are super nice and super welcoming. To be asked to get involved and be an ambassador is a real honor,” he said at the time. “They are really down-to-earth and they just want to do positive things.”

Jax Jones

A Royal Collaboration Unveiled

The unique concept involves incorporating the Princess of Wales into the visual elements of Jones’ performances, with the goal of showcasing her dancing skills alongside his music. Notably, the renowned DJ and producer has expressed interest in involving Prince William as well, though he is primarily focused on Middleton dancing in sync with his beats.

Jones and Middleton will shoot video content for the visual concept in December of 2023, with Middleton’s team playing a significant role in the production, as they prioritise managing her reputation and online presence, as is the case with any member of the Royal Family.

You can stream Jax Jones’ latest single here:

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