John Summit Rebrands ‘Off The Grid’ to ‘Experts Only Records’

After being sued by a promoter earlier this summer for the trademark to his label name, Off The Grid, John Summit has now officially rebranded to Experts Only Records. According to a recent social media post from the DJ/producer, this new chapter will take what the brand has learned over the past year, ‘taking things to new heights.’

Summit’s Off The Grid Records, and accompanying radio show by the same name were called into question earlier this year when California  Off The Grid Campout promoter claimed they had been using the name Off The Grid since 2018. However, Summit argues that he had been using the name for his label since 2020, and that he had filed for a trademark on the name in April 2022. The case is still ongoing.

And just in case you were wondering, it’s not a wink-wink reference to illegal stuff, guys!

The first official released under the rebranded name will come on September 15th from Odd Mob and OMNOM, entitled ‘Losing Control.’ Stay tuned for more details on the release and upcoming news on Experts Only Records.