Grum Returns To Social Media Under New Alias

After months of silence, the Progressive master came back, now having opened a new Instagram account.

Grum, the author of tracks like ‘Something About You‘, ‘Stay‘, and a cover of the legendary 80s hit ‘Shout‘, had been missing for a while. His socials turned silent around February, and they stayed like that for a while. Even his record label, Deep State, came to a full stop in late 2022. And so, fans weren’t really certain about what had happened to the king of the 2010s Progressive.

That is, until last week. A single story on Grum’s Instagram pointed to a picture of him on a different account. The new username follows Grum’s real name, Graeme Shepherd. And that new @graemeshepherdofc account is just starting out.

Story from Grum’s Instagram account, September 20th.

Graeme Shepherd

It seems like the man is about to detach from the Grum project to give life to a new alias. Out of the three posts that he currently had on the new account, two contain music, and they look like teasers of songs he’s been working on for the greater part of this year. Dirty, machine-programmed, and acid, are the three first adjectives that come to mind when listening to these teasers. And so, it all points to Shepherd steering harder into a slightly more aggressive and pointy direction than the one he pursued via Grum. That direction, though, is already present in Grum’s later tracks, such as ‘Disconnected‘, ‘Pattern Recognition‘, and, how not, ‘The Light‘, alongside Genix.

Whether Grum will continue to live, we still don’t know. As of today, Graeme hasn’t openly spoken about his time off social media, and so any and everything one can make up from these months of “hiatus” is a mere theory. We’ll have to wait and see how the Graeme Shepherd name evolves. One thing is certain, though: we’re more than excited to see where it leads us.