Giuseppe Ottaviani Teases A Future Release On Anjunabeats

The Trance legend took to X to post a simple picture — and fans went crazy.

Are worlds colliding? I repeat, are worlds colliding? It seems like, at least. After what feels like an eternity and a half, the paths of Italian Trance maestro Giuseppe Ottaviani and the famous record label Anjunabeats appear to collide. It’s actually impressive something like this didn’t happen years ago, since both parties have been constantly in touch.

Ottaviani posted the following on X:

The tease comes during a time in which Anjunabeats has been proven to open to a bigger scope of artists from related labels, apart from the usual wave of new talent we got used to with the Rising compilations.

Giuseppe’s post gave the spark to the hype fire fans were waiting for. Not only do the replies appear to be super excited over at X: there’s also a whole Reddit thread over at r/aboveandbeyond.

Fans’ Predictions

The loudest of all voices appears to be Giuseppe Ottaviani’s new track, to come out on Anjunabeats, is a collaboration with former Anjunabeats Rising stars — now properly established locals — Alex Sonata & TheRio. Their conjoint track, for now known as ‘Tears Of The Kingdom‘ on forums and 1001Tracklists, was spun by himself during his Luminosity 2023 set. Find it below at the 7:00-minute mark.

Although expected to come out on Armind the same way Giuseppe’s and ilan Bluestone‘s ‘Futuro‘ did, there’s a high chance this track gets a release on Anjunabeats. There are also rumours of an Alex Sonata & TheRio Anjunabeats Worldwide compilation. Talk about timing.

The second option that is circulating is that Ottaviani’s Anjunabeats debut is a remix of a classic. A classic, in fact, that turned 17 this year: Aalto‘s ‘Resolution‘. The track in question is also present on Giuseppe’s Lumi set, around the 44:30-minute mark. Some fans, though, say the supposed ‘Aalto – Resolution (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix)’ is actually not a remix from him. We’ll have to wait and see.

Final Thoughts

For a relationship that stretches back to the Trance Around The World era (veterans know what I’m saying), it’s impressive a Giuseppe release didn’t come to Anjunabeats sooner. In fact, he played a guestmix for the 285th episode of TATW back in September of 2009. A couple of years later, Ottaviani’s track ‘Toys’ alongside Betsie Larkin, would be the opening track of TATW 422, in April of 2012.

The Italian artist has hit a point in his career in which he’s opening to a more Techno-oriented market, with past releases on labels as unexpected as Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings. A Techno-heavy Anjunabeats by the hand of the international AS&TR duo awaits with open arms.

We’ll have to wait and see, but we’re excited, indeed.