[INTERVIEW] EDMTunes Chats With EMBRZ on His New Album, Musical Journey and More

Hailing from Dublin, Jack Casey, or as we all know him, EMBRZ, has been creating waves in the industry for the last few years. A proud artist on the This Never Happened label, Jack has released two beautiful albums, In Our Own Way and Moments. That’s not all, he has also been climbing the ladder of upcoming artists with his emotional Dance Music.

If you haven’t heard his music yet, I urge you to jump onto your preferred platform and give his new album a listen. Better yet, check out his brand new sunrise set below in Austin, a place he now calls home.

A few highlights from his set above – I love the remix of ‘Where You Are x Vision V – Blossom‘, it’s the perfect track that transitions into ‘Hypnotise‘ or let me call it Dark EMBRZ. The mash-up of ‘Wildflower x Hide & Seek‘ is amazing, blending those two tracks just blows me away. The mix of ‘Echoes x Brightest Lights x Higher Than Nirvana‘ really seals the deal for me. I heard him mix this live and remember tearing up. Jack’s new album showcases how talented he is with the diversity and growth we hear in his music. The fan girl in me is definitely rooting for more dark EMBRZ. I had the pleasure of attending his sold-out show in Toronto a few weeks ago. That led to us having a chat with Jack himself. Check it out below!

EDMTunes – How has the response to In Our Own Way been and what’s your favourite track on this album?

EMBRZ – I think so far so good! The response has only been positive from what I’ve seen, which feels great. I try my best to not put too much weight on people liking it. I think the healthiest approach to anything creative is for me to like it first, and then it’s a bonus if people feel the same way. Having that mindset always allows me to make the best and most authentic music.

I go back and forth on my favourite track. I think because it’s quite a diverse album in sound and mood, it depends on the day.
I guess ‘left ya a voicenote’ is really meaningful to me.
I think ‘Someone To Lose’ is the track I’m most proud of vocally, so that one is up there too.

EDMTunes – Who has been your favourite person to collaborate with so far? Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

EMBRZ – I’ve been working with a songwriter for years from the UK named Glen Roberts. He’s probably one of the only people I really collab with when it comes to lyrics and it’s always fun. I’ve learned a lot about songwriting from working with him. Because we live in different countries now, the setup is to jump on a Zoom call, smash beers and write music – what could be better than that haha!
Also shoutout to Lizzy Land, who has the most incredible voice and is a legend. We recently met up to work on something that will come out later this year…

EDMTunes – How was the production process compared to the one from Moments?

EMBRZ – The focus was a lot more on songwriting. I felt like I had more to say and gained a lot of confidence writing lyrics from the last album. Also, there was something more natural about sitting and humming ideas out on a piano until something stuck. Then when an idea was down, I’d move over to the computer to produce. I also ended up singing more on this album, not so much by choice. We had tried other vocalists out, but I kinda got used to my own voice on the demos so they stuck. I guess there is something more personal about me singing the tracks too.

EDMTunes – This is your second major tour. So far, what has been your favorite venue to perform at and why? And what are your dream venues you hope to perform at?

EMBRZ – It’s hard to say because there’s been a lot of great ones. I recently did a rooftop party in San Francisco and it was incredible fun! It was early afternoon (which is always a dream haha), and there is something about the SF crowd, they are so lively. It was the same when I played Audio last year too. Red Rocks was a magical one to get to play, and recently playing The Observatory Stage at Electric Forest was one of my favourite shows. Hard to pick!

EDMTunes – Your move, residency in Austin, and tour have kept you busy this year. Could you tell us what we can expect from you (EMBRZ) next?

EMBRZ – Yeah, it’s been pretty hectic, hasn’t really been much downtime. There is a part of me that likes that. But I think the plan is to have a successful tour and then take a break till Christmas. But in saying that, I might get bored pretty quickly and jump back into writing or wanting to do shows again. Who knows!
Although, there is some post-album stuff to come out in the next month or two which has already been made. Can’t reveal too much, but it’s something I’m really proud of, and a little different for EMBRZ.

I had a great time and hope you can catch EMRBZ in a town close to you on his North American Tour. Do give this rising star a listen and let us know what you think! Stay tuned to EDMTunes to follow Jack’s journey with us.