Dynamic Dance Duo Dave + Sam Release Dance Groover ‘Not The Same’

Dave + Sam, the dynamic dance duo, are back with their latest offering, ‘Not The Same,’ following the success of their previous single, ‘Just A Man.’

In 2016, these two established artists joined forces, making a captivating entrance into the dance music scene. Dave + Sam, based in New York and Los Angeles, quickly carved out a unique musical identity where they blends elements of hip-hop and various rhythmic genres with a modern house sensibility, characterized by innovative thinking and creativity. In their most recent release, ‘Not The Same,’ Dave + Sam take a stripped-down approach, placing emphasis on mesmerizing, addictive recurring lyrics imbued with unwavering confidence and swag. Meanwhile, electronic pulses infuse the track with an intriguing and darker edge.

Listen to ‘Not The Same’ below which is out now via Classic Music Company.