Castor & Pollux Share Their Passion, Milestones, and Future Plans in Electronic Dance Music

Get ready for journey into the world of Electronic Dance music with the dynamic duo, Castor & Pollux. In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of delving into their musical journey, influences, and the milestones that have shaped their career; Castor & Pollux, identical twins hailing from New York, have been making waves in the EDM scene with their high-energy performances and emotionally charged productions. Join us as we explore their unique sound, memorable performances, and exciting plans for the future. 

Hi Castor & Pollux, how are you? 

We’re doing great. Thanks for having us be a part of this interview with EDM Tunes! 

Can you tell us a bit about your background, where are you from and when did you first start discovering your passion for music? 

We’re identical twins, originally from Long Island, NY but most of our life we grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where our family still resides today. We made our way back to NYC for college in 2012 and then moved to Brooklyn, NY where we currently live today. We don’t come from a musical background as we grew up as big sports guys, we played baseball and football our whole lives. When we got to college in 2012, we discovered Hardwell and Swedish House Mafia and that’s were our passion for this music started. From there, we never looked back. 

How would you describe your sound and production style? What sets it apart from other DJs/Producers? 

Our sound and production style are made for festival goers that like to let loose and be in the moment. We also like our sound to be emotional, as we want people to feel something when they hear our music. In terms of what sets us apart from other DJs, we believe it’s our energy and stage presence that gives the crowd that extra push, to then give that energy back at us. When that happens, it makes our DJ sets even more fun. 

What milestone, that you have achieved so far in your musical career, are you most proud of?  

It’s a tie between two 🙂 1. Getting signed to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings / Revealed Radar as that it’s been our dream label since our journey started. 2. Playing DJ Mag’s No. 1 Club in North America, Echostage, we’ve had the opportunity to play that venue 6 times with Alan Walker, Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Zedd and Alesso! 

Can you tell us about your influences and inspirations? Are there any particular artists that have had an impact on your musical journey? 

Hardwell and Swedish House Mafia are two of our biggest inspirations. Hardwell opened the door for us in terms of us creating our own productions. His music inspired us to show what is possible when you work hard at something you have a strong passion for. The way he conducts himself and his persona is something we look up to, as we continue this path. Swedish House Mafia gave us the chance to see how a duo or trio deals with adversity when you’re on a journey together. There are ups and downs in a career so their way of handling those situations have given us ways to stay grounded in tough circumstances. 

Throughout your musical journey you’ve had the opportunity to play iconic stages around the US, can you share with us any standout performances that have been particularly memorable for you?  

All of the Echostage gigs we played have been the best moments of our career. To be able to perform with such iconic acts for sold out crowds and have them dancing to our own music, there’s nothing better than that. Also, Project Glow Festival was a big moment for us as it was our debut festival performance. Lastly, our first gig at a club called Mission in NYC back in June 2022 was such an unforgettable show for us. 

What are hoping to achieve next, do you have any specific goals in mind as you continue to perform and release new music?  

We hope to play more festivals as we head in 2024 and we want to keep releasing music with Revealed Recordings. 

Where would you love to perform in the future?  

We would love to perform at EDC Vegas and Breakaway Festival. 

Which of your tracks are you most proud of and why? 

We are proud of all of our 2023 releases because this year we saw a lot of major support from well-known DJs like Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Showtek, Robin Schulz and more as well as getting our tracks being played at Ultra Miami, Ultra Europe and Tomorrowland. 

You’ve collaborated with many other Artists and Producers. How would you say that these experiences have impacted your growth as a duo? 

It’s cool to see how other artists work and how they come up with certain ideas. Through collaborations, you get inspired by what artists make, as well as building relationships with different people. The more you work together, the more trust you have in one another to create great music. 

What can we expect from you in the future, in terms of new releases, collaborations, and upcoming shows? 

What you can expect from us, is that our last release in 2023 will be out at the end of October with our good friends Over Easy and Linney, so we’re extremely excited for that one. We have a ton of new music for 2024 including having our first release dropping in January on a top 10 Techno label with our buddies Mesa & Boss. In terms of shows, we will be performing at the official Turn It Up Muzik Mix Marathon at ADE, we’ll also be performing with Will Sparks and Audien, as well as, making our debut in Atlantic City over the next few weeks so there’s a lot of exciting stuff to end 2023 going into 2024. 

We finish this exclusive interview with Castor & Pollux and we thank them for their time and openness shedding some light into their career beginnings and milestones, while teasing what comes in the near future. For these skillful artists, it’s their talent, their passion for music, their energy, and their determined commitment to deliver unique experiences to their fans, the fuel that drives them forward on their music journey; and with their powerful signature sound and style and a promising future on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this talented duo. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases and performances, as Castor & Pollux continue to make their mark on the Electronic Dance music scene.  

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