Bass Visionary Whales Releases Sophomore Album ‘Two Worlds Apart’

Israeli producer Whales has been making waves in the music scene since his debut. With over 4 billion+ streams on Spotify, he’s gained support from prominent artists such as ExcisionDJ Diesel (Shaq), and Kayzo, and has become the 4th most streamed Israeli artist worldwide. His ability to seamlessly blend various genres while maintaining a distinct signature sound sets him apart from the crowd. And now, he’s ready to leave his next big mark with the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album, Two Worlds Apart.

Last year, Whales unveiled his dual musical personas – a balance between ‘Aqua’ (with its heavier vibe) and ‘Soul’ (the realm of melodic, emotive tunes). With his latest masterpiece, Two Worlds Apart, Whales transcends the narrative of duality, seamlessly marrying these two sides of his sound. The album title at play is inspired by the massive bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean and the meeting point in which they both collide together but don’t mix. The 17 track body of work is Whale’s sonic tapestry which takes listeners on a sonic voyage, ranging from the pulse-pounding beats of dubstep to the tranquil embrace of ambient tones.

One of the standout qualities of Two Worlds Apart is Whales’ exceptional craftsmanship in creating a cohesive listening experience. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, building a narrative that feels both thrilling and introspective. It’s as if the listener is embarking on an expedition, diving deeper into uncharted musical territories. To add onto Whale’s production prowess, he’s able to find a balance between the two worlds that he has painted. He masterfully weaves together the elements of dubstep and ambient music, showcasing frenetic energy at times but also bring in moments of tranquility that you can find in the ocean.

“For over a decade, I never really made a project that captured my musical essence, reflecting my roots, influences, and my evolution across genres like dubstep, hip-hop, and rock. I struggled with branding and trying to find the right balance between my two musical worlds. Finally, last year, “Aqua” for my heavier music and “Soul” for my melodic side were born. These personas, represented visually by two whales with distinct tales, not only strengthened my fan community, but also crafted a musical universe. After a year of rolling with these identities, I knew it was time to showcase something bigger than ever before — to show both sides of me and tell the story to the max. The inspiration for the project draws from the unique boundary where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans collide, but don’t mix. I’ve always imagined my music in that way, making this natural phenomenon the perfect fit for this project.” – WHALES

In addition to the album drop, Whales has also announced his Fall touring schedule which can be found below.


09.15.2023 – Green Elephant – Dallas, TX
09.22.2023 – Le Belmont – Montreal, Quebec
09.23.2023 – MeowWolf – Denver, CO
09.24.2023 – Lost Lands Festival – Thornville, OH
10.14.2023 – Oasis Wynwood – Miami, FL
10.20.2023 – Rampage Amsterdam – Zaandam, Netherlands
11.18.2023 – Raves Club – El Paso, TX
11.25.2023 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
12.08.2023 – Elektricity – Pontiac MI