AIAIAI Launches World’s First Wireless Studio Monitors

If you are a producer/DJ, you understand the struggles of studio monitors. The wires get caught in the mess of a studio and prevent you from moving your setup to produce in different locations. Well, AIAIAI has changed that for all. They will be introducing the world’s first wireless studio monitors.

Called the UNIT-4s, the new monitors are available to buy now and will be shipped in October. They will have 20 hours of battery life. Pretty impressive for a long studio session. IAIAI claims the speakers are both ultra-low-latency and provide lossless audio using the bespoke technology they introduced with the TMA-2 Studio Wireless+. This is the most important part as latency prevents producers from using wireless speakers.

The UNIT-4s also feature a Bluetooth connection and a cabled option for when you’re wired into your studio. You also have brand new party speakers. The speakers include a four-inch subwoofer and a one-inch cone. They allow a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz and a customizable EQ curve via the AIAIAI app.

They will run you $800 for the pair.