500+ Apprehended for Crimes At Alok’s “Show of the Century” in Brazil

Over 500 people were apprehended at Alok’s massive “Show of the Century” in Brazil. Many were suspected of trawling and robberies. Alok celebrated his birthday and Copacabana Palace’s 100th anniversary.

A record-breaking 1 million people attended the show. I really can’t imagine that many people in one place. He stood atop a 100-foot pyramid-shaped stage equipped with interactive drones and fireworks.

The detainees were reportedly found with over 150 “sharp objects” seized at inspection points. These include knives, pliers, stilettos, and scalpels. 17 adults were formally arrested. Honestly, for 1 million people being there, those numbers aren’t too bad.

Trawling is the act of casting a large net behind a boat and catching everything in its path. While not harmful to any humans at the show, it goes against Alok’s beliefs of environmental sustainability. Together with the Brazilian renewable energy company 2W Ecobank, the DJ offset the event’s CO2 emissions.

On a positive note, the show looks stunning. A drone video from last year captured the insane vibes in Brazil.