Solomun Drops Remix of ‘Forever’ by Weval

Weval, the experimental house duo from Amsterdam, had released ‘Forever’ on November 14, 2022. The Weval duo of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers dropped ‘Forever’ via Ninja Tune‘s Technicolour label and the track gave off very groovy vibes. The original contained steady basslines that accompanied the mellow synths and Harm’s tranquil vocals. By listening to ‘Forever’, the listeners can feel like transporting to another dimension. On August 16th, Solomun released his remix of Weval’s ‘Forever’ and the remix sounds like it is ready to hit the dance floors.

Solomun’s remix of Weval’s ‘Forever’ is perfect for every mood

Solomun’s remix of Weval’s ‘Forever’ has emotions that start off somberly and then transform into quite energetic. The drum patterns in the remix go perfectly with the vocals that ensures a chill vibe when one starts listening to the remix. The perfect blend of deep house and melodic techno is felt in Solomun’s remix. This remix shows why the Bosnian-German producer is a four-time DJ Awards winner for Best Producer, Best DJ and Best Melodic House DJ. Check out the remix above by clicking “Play” on the Spotify link and the remix also has an Extended Version as well.