[WATCH] Get To Know Adam Beyer 2023 Hï Ibiza Resident

Hï Ibiza shared an artist spotlight video with their famous resident, Adam Beyer. The Swedish producer, beloved techno titan, and Drumcode founder shared a few words about himself. Beyer has long brought us the best in cutting-edge techno, played each week at Eric Prydz presents HOLO ïbiza, and has made an enormous contribution to the global techno scene over more than three decades. In this in-depth interview, the Drumcode boss takes us through his earliest years in the Swedish rave scene, the future of his iconic techno label, and his long-running relationship with Eric Prydz.

Firstly, Adam attended his first rave when he was just 15 back in 1991. Lauren Garnier DJ’d that night at the primitive hall. Next, he tells us that his favorite set length is three hours. He’ll have a beginning and an end, and if he really finds his groove in the crowd energy he could go up to five hours. He expresses himself in his performances, which any fans of Beyer will know. Adam loves to build and take people on journies.

What drives Adam Beyer’s constant search for ‘the new’ in electronic music?

He is always trying to bring his sound forward and take the genre forward. It’s made him the artist he is today and there is no room for being stagnant. He loves pop music as inspiration from the past but with a modern twist where the audience can feel sentimental and emotion.

With Drumcode’s 30th anniversary coming up, does he anticipate a shift in his perspective?

The fact that it’s been going on for 30 years is fantastic. Adam says he will follow his gut and fill in the gaps, searching for new artists to further the Drumcode sound. But he may want to do some retrospective stuff at some point. Perhaps we may get to hear that one day. Now, he first visited Ibiza in 2001 with an amateur night, just starting out with some pretty techno. In 2003, he came back for Cocoon, played the main room in Amnesia, and felt at home.

So, what can we expect from the HOLO ïbiza residency?

We can expect a different side of him, where his sounds pay respect to the island and people there. There should be more journies and less hard and relentless beats. Not to mention, a touch of progressive alongside Prydz and Kristoff’s presences.

How did Adam Beyer first connect with Eric Prydz?

They met back in 2002 in Stockholm, and Adam recalls releasing Prydz’s first-ever track on his label, True Soul. That track came under Cirez D, titled ‘Deep Inside‘. Find out all the details with the full video below!