Sultan + Shepard Reflect On ‘Forever, Now’ Remix Album

If you are someone who has followed Lane 8’s This Never Happened Label, you will be familiar with the superstars Sultan + Shepard. The Canadian lads, Ned and Ossama have been part of the TNH family since 2020 ever since their sensational Kochi EP release.

We have been actively listening to their music and you would have read our reviews. This year has been big for the progressive house kings. Their journey began by accidently bumping into each other in 2002 at a Montreal after-hours club. Fast forward 21 years later, they have had 2 successful albums on This Never Happened and countless successful releases. Something, Everywhere was released in 2021 a difficult time around the world. That album was the brainchild of a burnout from an unceasing touring schedule in years past. This album was the beginning of their journey into the melodic-house limelight.

Forever, Now, the sophomore album released on TNH continues their voyage of the world inching out of the pandemic. The ability to play live music after the frustration of canceled tours poured out emotions they surprised themselves with. All those experiences and raw sentiments lead to the melodic and angelic album. Al Sarraf and Shepard went onto collaborating with the maestro Lane 8 himself, Rizene, Korolova and Sonnee to release their Forever, Now remixed album.

EDMTunes is very excited to share an exclusive from the pair as we get to know them better! Here it goes:

EDMTunes: What was your favourite part of the production of Forever Now? What was your favourite track from the album?

Sultan + Shepard: We had so much fun making this album. Forever, Now was a really fun tune to make because the tempo was faster and it just felt fresh. Also, Zima was very emotional for us and we were in love with it while making it. Finally, Losing Ground was really fun because we had a very special connection with Tishmal and Mckay (the songwriter) during the day we wrote it.

EDMTunes: How was the production process compared to the one for Something Everything?

Sultan + Shepard: The making of Forever, Now took place over a much longer period of time than Something, Everything. Something, Everything was made during just a few months in the pandemic and it represented a very quiet and patient time in our lives. Forever, Now was made over two different stretches of a year. The pandemic was ending, things were opening up and we had started traveling again. The energy felt more up, happy and a little more chaotic. But at the end of the day, it was still just the two of us in the studio – so that was the same.

EDMTunes: Who has been your favourite person to collaborate with so far? Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Sultan + Shepard: We love all our collaborators! Everyone brings something different to our music. Impossible to choose. We’d love to collab with Ry X!

EDMTunes:   What is the best advice you have been given?

Sultan + Shepard: Trust your gut.

EDMTunes: Are there any genres you are curious about and want to dive into?

Sultan + Shepard: Drum n Bass.

EDMTunes: You guys have had a lot of successful tours now, what was your favorite venue to perform at so far and why?

Sultan + Shepard: Wayyyy to many to name. But we loved It’ll Do in Dallas, Concourse Project in Austin, New City Gas in Montreal, the Mint in SF and the rooftop of Elsewhere in NYC.

EDMTunes:  Apart from our EDM world, what kind of music do you both tend to listen to for inspiration?

Sultan + Shepard: Lots of classic rock, classical music, indie rock, hip hop, soundtracks- everything really! Even dub and old soul music can be inspiring just for the feelings they produce.

EDMTunes:  What is your favorite remixed track? And who was your favorite artist to work with on this album?

Sultan + Shepard: Everyone did a great remix on this one. It was an honor to have Lane 8 as always remix our work- his take on RnR was sick. Sonnee is an upcoming producer who we’re excited about and were really happy to have him on the package. Rinzen really made something special with his remix of Losing Ground- we can’t wait to play that one out. And Korolova made a big festival banger with her remix. It’s hard to say someone is your favorite to work with, our minds don’t really work like that when we’re being creative. 

EDMTunes: What’s next for Sultan + Shepard?

Sultan + Shepard: Working on new music, a few festivals to end the summer and the second part of our Forever, Now tour which kicks off in October!

We are so grateful to have been able to have our first EDMTunes interaction with the duo. Can’t wait to see what Sultan + Shepard have in store for us! Looking forward to seeing the duo live again soon! If you are at Interstellar this week don’t forget to catch Sultan + Shepard and the whole This Never Happened crew – including Lane 8!

If you haven’t heard their album Forever, Now, do yourself a favour, stop everything and listen to it now! Stay tuned to EDMTunes for more interviews, Q&As and all your updates in the music world!