Shaquille O’Neal Releases First Album GORILLA WARFARE as DIESEL

Shaquille O’Neal has taken dubstep by storm in the last few years. Debuting his project as DIESEL, he has been a spark of energy in the dance music community. He has even been seen riding the rail in the crowd at Tomorrowland. The former NBA all-star now presents his debut album GORILLA WARFARE. It is collaboration galore with up-and-coming talent and established artists. Dropping on Monstercat, this is one you will want to listen to in full.

The kick-off track will have you throwing elbows in the mosh pit. ‘WARFARE’ features DIESEL’s vocals and has pumping energy throughout. The “World’s Biggest DJ” just keeps the party going from one song to the next. ‘HEAT’ might be one of my favorites with Crankdat throwing down. ‘WATCH UR BACK’ is another one that presents a diverse vibe with rap influence.

Each contributor adds their distinct essence to every track, ushering in a novel era in the realm of bass music. O’Neal’s affinity for music has longstanding roots, with rhythmic threads interwoven throughout his life from an early age.

GORILLA WARFARE pledges an immersive auditory expedition, paying homage to DIESEL’s hip-hop origins while propelling auditors into the unbridled vigor of dubstep. He has been quoted that festivals give him that “Game 7” energy that he no longer can obtain since his retirement. Well boy, did he give us all that energy with this one album.

“Dubstep has always been an escape for me. I’ve grown to learn how important this community is, and I hope my album (GORILLA WARFARE) is proof of that.