Maximono Drops Experimental and Innovative Album ‘The Outtakes’

When Maximono emerged onto the music scene, it represented an impromptu fusion of two passionate individuals, Nick and Sebi. These two artists were deeply immersed in the rhythmic experimentation of London’s studios. Without a predetermined plan, their evolving sound captivated the DJ community, propelling them into a whirlwind of worldwide tours. Their music became a fixture in unforgettable moments within rave enclaves, festivals, and even aboard cruise ships.

However, when Nick departed in 2018, a period of contemplation enveloped Sebi. As he managed his software business, he clung to the essence of Maximono. Despite continuing his music production, there remained a palpable absence of Maximono’s core essence – its collaborative soul.

This introspection has now materialized as The Outtakes, a personal collection of twelve tracks that chronicle their unreleased creations. This treasure trove of parting gifts includes highly sought-after tunes that will undoubtedly resonate with fans across the globe. And in a grand finale, the streets of Germany will once again pulse with Maximono’s energy in August. Sebi will unite with Kyle Watson, particularly in Hannover – the city where their sonic journey first began.

From their origins in the late 90s, experimenting with breakbeats and drum & bass, to their evolution into captivating house melodies that captured the attention of heavyweights like Dirtybird, Maximono’s path has been an adventure that transcended genres. Collaborations with artists such as Malaa, Mat.Joe, and Marten Hørger produced hits like “Arsenic,” “Drummer Loco,” and “So High.”

As The Outtakes marks a defining moment in their voyage, the legacy of Maximono remains a testament to boundless innovation.