Le Youth Releases Third Single ‘Talking Like That’

Le Youth has released three tracks from his second studio album About Us, and boy is it on its way to being one of the top albums of the year! Too early to say? All the tracks released so far are top-notch. I am sure you will be hearing it on dancefloors across the world for a long time. ‘Talking Like That’ features the vocals of EMME, who is no stranger to this label. Out now on This Never Happened after the successful releases of ‘I Will Leave a Light On’ and ‘Like You Did’. The anticipated release of the album About Us will be on September 29th.

Talking Like That

Featuring the vocals of EMME, ‘Talking Like That’ marks the duo’s second collaboration. It’s a full circle for EMME and Le Youth since their first single together ‘About Us’, bears the same name as the upcoming album. It’s crazy to think how the track ‘About Us’ in 2020 started this amazing show concept and now an upcoming album. EMME’s powerful vocals take us to a love-hate relationship, something so real that you give in to it. The music by Wes has a bit of a darker side than previous tracks, but it seems just perfect for the dance floor. We can’t wait to hear this live on his tour this fall. The track stays true to the story Wes is trying to portray through this album. The lyrics in the track highlight a rollercoaster of emotions.

‘Talking like that’ is one of the darker songs on the album and one of my favourites. it’s super singable and catchy and i have a soft spot for that kind of music.

Le Youth

Le Youth kicks start his shows this weekend at a boat cruise in Boston. You can then catch him at the North Coast This Never Happened Stage Takeover with the whole crew, including Lane 8. The About Us tour Le Youth embarks on will be an in-the-round, 360-degree immersive experience. If you know Wes, you know he is all about blurring the lines between the artists and the audience. His whole album and About Us concept are inspired by this. Promise, it will be a musical journey meant to make you, the audience, part of his show and journey! I hope you can catch him at a city close to you this fall. Click here for his dates.

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