Kill The Noise Releases His Third Studio Album: HOLLOW WORLD

American DJ and record producer Jake Stanczak, now by his stage name Kill The Noise has just released his highly anticipated third studio album, HOLLOW WORLD on Seven Lions’ Label Ophelia Records. Kill The Noise’s early impact on Skrillex’s label OWSLA kickstarted a career of mainstage performances, crossover hits and collaborations with the likes of Korn, Wiz Khalifa and Deadmau5. HOLLOW WORLD is a testament to his abilities, showcasing the best of Kill The Noise through a boundary-pushing tracklist and visual identity. With over a decade under his belt, Kill The Noise is one of the few acts to continue challenging sonic norms and industry trends in the modern dubstep scene. Listen here!

From the guest appearances to the music itself, HOLLOW WORLD stands out amongst the masses. Top grossing film composer Brian Tyler, indie rock band Joywave and fellow electro producer Feed Me are just a few of the names appearing on the record. Each collaborator provides fresh perspectives, and the album’s main themes are explored through sonic and lyrical harmony. Some tracks suggest a critique of modern media consumption (‘Empty adoration fills your cup’) and the idea of speeding towards disaster in an effort to be right, just for the sake of it and regardless of what is actually true. Joywave evokes this on “Drive” (‘There’s nothing I could say / You wouldn’t listen anyway’) before they’re swiftly drowned out by the noise.

HOLLOW WORLD serves as the backdrop for these emotional struggles and changes. Within its realm, these transformations materialize, morphing individuals into monstrous beings or transcendent figures. The journey of introspection becomes a courageous act, as some are fearful of confronting their inner selves, while others dare to embark on the path of self-discovery.”

— Jake Stanczak (Kill The Noise)