Headhunterz Has Decided to Retire From Touring

On August 23rd, Headhunterz announced via an Instagram video that he decided to retire from touring. In that video, the Dutch hardstyle star stated that he made the decision because he wanted to reflect on his personal life, as well as trying to take more time to improve his health, mentally and physically. For Headhunterz, taking the time to improve his mental and physical health is necessary since he has been touring for over a decade. It is understandable why he made the decision to retire. His decision is one that should be respected and taken seriously, especially since burnout can have a very severe impact on one’s mental and physical health in the future.

The decision of Headhunterz to retire from touring is a very strong and powerful one

Headhunterz’s decision to retire from touring came a few days after releasing a collaborative track, ‘Lost Without You‘, with Vertile (track that is also the anthem for Defqon.1). In fact, another main reason for Headhunterz to retire from touring is that he wants to solely focus on the most important thing in his career. Having the sole, ultimate goal of just making music that one feels genuinely happy about is something that Headhunterz definitely wants in his life. Everyone in the world of music, particularly those who love all genres of the electronic music industry, fully support Headhunterz and wish him the best in his new wonderful journey to achieving the joys of personal fulfilment.

Headhunterz entering a new chapter in his phenomenal life

On the matter, Heady made clear that his desire to continue making powerful and uplifting hardstyle has not vanished. He stated:

“Right now, being at the place I am, I feel ready to enter a new phase, to live a more ‘normal’ and balanced life. Saying all that sounds like a goodbye, but this really isn’t – I’m just giving up on one thing to be able to fully commit to the other. I will still continue making hardstyle, that’s the thing I love”.