Fred Again.. Teases Fans With a Sneak Peek of a New Song Featuring Selena Gomez

Exciting news for music lovers! Fred Again…, the renowned DJ and producer, recently treated fans to a sneak peek of his latest creation. During his live set over the weekend, he surprised the audience with an unreleased track featuring the sweet vocals of the talented Selena Gomez. But that’s not all!

What made this preview even more intriguing was the inclusion of a sample from Laura Rivers’ classic 1967 song, ‘That’s All Right‘. The combination of Gomez’s enchanting voice and the nostalgic melody was nothing short of magical.

Thanks modern technology, we can now indulge in the excitement of Fred Again…’s live set. Below, you’ll find the awe-inspiring footage that showcases the preview of this extraordinary collaboration between Fred Again… and Selena Gomez.

Fred Again… has once again proven his prowess as a DJ and producer with the preview of his new song featuring Selena Gomez. By fusing Gomez’s incredible vocals with a sample from a classic 1967 track, he has created a masterpiece that transcends time and generations. So, mark your calendars and keep an eye out for the release of this highly anticipated collaboration between Fred Again… and Selena Gomez. It’s bound to be a musical experience like no other!