Congratulations To REZZ And fknsyd On Their Engagement!!

Love is in the air! Canadian DJ and record producer REZZ recently announced her engagement with vocalist fknsyd, who you may have heard on a number of her tracks such as ‘Let Me In’ and ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).’ This came as a surprise to many fans, but it seems REZZ and Syd have been keeping things “quite private.” Regardless, we are grateful they have decided to share the joyous news with us and we wish the happy couple all the best in their future together!

REZZ has taken the electronic music scene by storm with her unique and captivating sound. REZZ’s musical journey began at a young age when she developed a fascination with various genres of music, particularly electronic and rock. Her experimentation with different sounds eventually led her to the world of producing her own music. Now she is a renowned artist, who has pioneered an entire genre of mid-tempo bass music. Last year she launched her label: Hypnovizion.

Having worked with many of the names in electronic music, such as Hex Cougar, Slander, RL Grime, REZZ, Wavedash, and Manila Killa, the talented and rising fknsyd has a rich topline that millions ‘round the world have heard. fknsyd boasts an easy-to-remember timbre that could be hand-picked out of a lineup – the hard work over years has led to her building a name for herself in the highly-competitive space of the electronic music world.