Charles D Strikes Drumcode With ‘Don’t Stop’ EP

A Techno-heavy compilation of tracks is on the horizon today.

We hope you’re looking for something heavy to kick off your week. Because we can provide. As of today, Techno producer Charles D‘s debut Drumcode EP is out, titled the Don’t Stop EP. We’re no stranger to him on Adam Beyer’s imprint, though, since these originals follow three excellent releases on the label.

Ever since the New Yorker shared his remix of the now-classic ‘Your Mind’, the eyes shifted to him and his incredible talent. ‘Traction’ was his next release on Drumcode, proceeded by a remix for Mike Macaluso’s ‘Final Chapter’. The next step in Charles D’s history with the label is the Don’t Stop EP.

Don’t Stop EP

The EP comes a year after his debut on Adam Beyer‘s record label, and contains three tracks: ‘Don’t Stop‘, ‘No Escape‘, and ‘Choir’s Palace‘. All banging tunes, there’s a reserved spot for each during the length of any Techno set.

Don’t Stop

The opening track of the EP has its own share of energy, with old-school, dirty percussion, a banging kick, a heavy clap, and an analogue rolling lead leading the way.

No Escape

Much more underground-sounding than the previous track, ‘No Escape’ features an electrifying lead on top of acid patterns, a more rumbling kick, dirty cymbals, and looped, filtered vocals.

Choir’s Palace

Closing the EP, this tune contains thumping drops, acid leads, a siren-like pluck, and little percussion. This is the ideal track to be played at the most energetic moment of the night, since it’s more melodic, but also very hard-hitting.

Give the Don’t Stop EP a listen now! Head below for your Spotify play. Alternatively, click here to support the EP on the platform of your choice. And be sure to follow EDMTunes for all your musical needs.