Beatport Is Seeing An Increase In Its Prices

The news site just announced a hike in its download fares, starting in two weeks’ time.

Beatport, the legendary Electronic Music platform, has just taken to the public to state an important piece of news: they’re increasing the prices of their downloads, starting Monday, August 14th. The site, famous for being arguably the largest place as of today to buy official music from artists of all genres, sizes and lengths, will now offer their music services at a slightly higher cost than what we got so used to. To be fair, though, it’s the first time they do so in, hold tight, eighteen years. It’s been a while, but ultimately, inflation gets to everyone at some point.

The change, although not huge, will supposedly bring a bit of relief and extra revenue both to Beatport and all labels and artists who release music via the platform. Standard releases, for example, will see an increase of 20 cents, a 15.5% hike, while the extra fee for lossless copies will proportionally increase half of that, with a 5-cent update from its current $0.70 price.

Recent economic factors have significantly increased costs for both Beatport and the community (…). This price increase has been made in consultation with them, and will provide them with a much needed boost in revenue, as well as enable Beatport to invest in improving customer experience.


To make up for the price variation, Beatport will now allow customers to download the tracks they purchase up to five times, but will get rid of the time limit to use those five options. Currently, you only have 48 hours to download your purchases before they’re ‘lost’. The only way to access your old downloads as of today is through a Beatport Streaming subscription, and will be the way forward if you wish to access unlimited downloads.

The New Prices: See The Numbers

Here, we’ve put together a handy little chart for you to check the new prices in all currencies Beatport informed.

General Catalog1.491.391.142.09
New Release1.691.591.302.29
Lossless Fee0.750.750.750.80

Read the full Beatport statement regarding the prices increase by clicking here.