Barkin Releases New Fun and Bass-Infused Track ‘Kitty Club’

Barkin returns with another electric Bass House tune. This time, he celebrates his love for cats with the ‘Kitty Club.’ An infectious and catchy vocal kicks the track off before tension begins to rise. As energy takes off, right before the drop Barkin lets us know where we are. “Welcome To The Kitty Club” throws us into the drop. A bass-fueled drop will send your body moving with unique fills throughout. Punchy drums and big synths keep the energy pumping. 

A break-style bridge provides variety and freshness to the track. We are brought into another tension-filled build before a fake-out 2nd drop. Barkin makes reference to each of his cats throughout, (Lulu, Borris, Betty Man, and Bella) making sure they get their light of day. This one is primed for social media and cat lovers alike. Using his own voice, Barkin has creatively altered it to fit the club scene.

Barkin debuted his project last year and continues to have a great 2023. The New York based artist had this to say about the record:

‘Kitty Club’ is easily the most fun track I have made. I loved being able to bring my cats into my passion and create something for all cat lovers alike. I welcome everyone to the Kitty Club”

Make sure to check out ‘Kitty Club’ below!