ARMNHMR Release Most Introspective Album to Date, ‘Together As One’

The footprint of ARMNHMR in the electronic circuit has been cemented, marked by their genre-defying performances, electrifying stage presence, and heartfelt anthems. Their music bridges the gap between emotional depth and uplifting energy, creating an immersive experience that effortlessly draws listeners into their transformative soundscapes. Today, the duo make another monumental step forward into their musical career with their highly anticipated sophomore album, Together As One, out now via Monstercat.

Together As One is a 10 track body of work is a musical journey that explores the intricate tapestry of emotions and encounters that define the human existence. Perhaps their most introspective album yet, each track is a reflection of their musical journey and chapters in life which have inspired their music and who they are as individuals today. The album’s sequence of singles meticulously mirrors the arc of personal growth, navigating emotions from despair to empowerment. Opening with ‘Drowning (feat. Heleen),’ the album lays bare the raw emotions of heartbreak, anxiety, and the feeling of aimlessness, capturing the essence of feeling helplessness. ‘Someone To Forget‘ featuring Lights marks a transformative shift, embodying the ascent from emotional depths to the act of letting go. Finally, ‘Lifeline‘ alongside Lena Leon offers a glimmer of hope, symbolizing the act of seeking help and breaking free from inner struggles.

Together As One is not just about the struggles that the duo faced in their walks of life, it’s a redefinition of ARMNHMR’s sonic landscape while paying homage to their early inspirations. ‘September Nights‘ is a nostalgic tribute to the progressive house era of 2012, a period that sparked the duo’s passion for producing electronic music. ‘I Miss You (feat. Trella)’ is a standout track that introduces a creative approach for the duo, as they blend acoustic beginnings with live instrumentation, marking a bold venture from their signature electronic sounds.

In the words of ARMNHMR themselves, “‘Together As One’ is a collage of everything that has inspired us over the years. As ARMNHMR, we’ve had the blessing of witnessing the evolution of dance music. ‘Together As One’ is meant to embody those years of influence and inspiration.”

In summary, Together As One stands as a testament to ARMNHMR’s musical progression, a reflection of their growth, and an invitation to audiences worldwide to unite in the shared experience of life’s ups and downs through the joy of music.

Together As One Tracklist

  1. Someone To Forget w/ Lights
  2. Imaginary Friend
  3. I Miss You (feat. Trella)
  4. September Nights
  5. Lifeline w/ Lena Leon
  6. Drowning (feat. Heleen)
  7. In The Middle (feat. Britt Lari)
  8. True North (feat. Dia Frampton)
  9. U & Me w/ HALIENE
  10. Till The Day I Die (feat. DYSON)