Apple’s iPhone 15 Event Announced

The tech giant is about to reveal the next steps for the brand. One of those steps may very well be the iPhone 15.

Apple is, without a doubt, among the leading brands in the Technology industry right now. Having been atop the business for a large handful of years, love them or hate them, they are game-changers. And so, with a strong fanbase and an even stronger say on the latest, most daring and cutting-edge features out there, Apple holds a yearly event in which they unveil new products, algorithms, the direction of the brand, and so on.

Usually celebrated during the second half of the year, one of the most common — and not by any means less anticipated — announcements is a new iPhone. Better camera, fine-tuned facial recognition features, you name it. We’ve become used to, roughly, an iPhone a year. And that’s why people all over the world are looking forward to September 12th, 2023. Happening in just a couple of weeks, Apple will reveal all their newest intentions going into 2024.

Apple’s Annual Event, What To Expect

Quit it, cut to the chase!“, you may say. Well, here it goes: iPhone 15. The full iPhone 15 roster. News on its charging port. Rumoured lack of buttons. So, maybe, you’re better off waiting for an extra fortnight before deciding on your iPhone 14.

iPhone 15

Apart from the faster, better, sleeker upgrades we’re all familiar with by now, the newest iPhone may contain interesting features. One of those could be the Dynamic Island debuted with the iPhone 14. That’s just fancy wording for the front camera being detached from the top of the screen, and hence adding even more screen than previous iterations of the device. WiFi 6 compatibility is also expected, with more top-of-the-line models including support for WiFi 6E as well.

A Charging Port Update

Apple might, at last, get rid of the iconic Lightning port. This, due to two factors: firstly, staying up to date with current charging speeds of its competitors. Secondly, it will be a European Union rule applying to all things smartphones by the end of 2024. The player of choice? USB-C. It’s fast, it’s universal, and it’s, as mentioned, a future demand on European lands. Nothing stops Apple from continuing the Lightning port for the rest of the world, but it could become inconvenient.

No buttons?

Some for, some against, the world has seen the iPhone get rid of many physical features over time. The Home button and the headphone jack are just a few. Rumours say the iPhone 15 might come without a Mute button, at least the top ones. It’s been passed on for quite some time but, at the end of the day, it’s the brand the one who will have the final say, in just two weeks’ time.

Final Words

The iPhone 15 reveal is very likely to be a part of Apple’s upcoming yearly event, which will take place this September 12th at 1 pm Eastern Time. Be sure to keep an eye out for the latest regarding the fruit-shaped logo brand.

[H/T] – Engadget