Amsterdam Supports Nightlife Via New Program

The Dutch capital of Amsterdam, one of electronic dance music’s world capitals, just launched a new program to enhance its world-famous nightlife. The city government of Amsterdam’s new program costs €2.2 million (over $2.4 million USD) and in it are “15 measures” to make Amsterdam’s nightlife even more exciting. This program covers four years and it will have a team of developers, landowners, venue promoters, and private individuals who will implement plans to have vast, diverse spaces and areas to use for temporary and permanent nightlife venues.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Winter Festival Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s nightlife will have spectacular attractions for many years to come as a result of this program

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Paradiso, Valtifest, and Milkshake are amongst the top entertainment locales in the city that will surely benefit from this program. Furthermore, the nightlife in Amsterdam will continue to land in good hands as the program allocated €1.2 million (over $1.312 million USD). This allocation of €1.2 million will assist rising creative minds who want to develop and strengthen the nightlife industry of the Dutch capital.

To read the full report of this amazing program, click on this link. Just a heads up though, the full report is in Dutch. However, this report is very informative (and exciting) for people who are very optimistic about the future of Amsterdam’s nightlife for many years to come.