PhaseOne Launches New Record Label With 8-Track Compilation

PhaseOne has always been at the forefront of pushing boundaries with his cuttingedge and genreblending music. The renowned Australian DJ and producer has established a unique niche for himself by fusing bass and metal music. Now, taking his mission to champion the “rocktronic” movement one step further, the versatile artist is launching his very own record label: Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings.

The label’s ethos embodies themes of freedom, anarchy, and pure fun, which PhaseOne has embraced throughout his own artistic journey. Prepare yourself for a relentless onslaught of energetic and high-octane music that will captivate fans from every corner of the heavy sonic landscape.

To kickstart the label, Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings has dropped an 8-track compilation meticulously curated by PhaseOne himself. Titled ‘Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising,’ this compilation features an original track from the label boss alongside electrifying contributions from esteemed heavyweights such as Akeos & Lusumi, Bainbridge & High Zombie, JEANIE & Dino Shadix, DVEight, and AVEON. It will have your neck hanging off and your body moving all at once.

This compilation is a must-check out below!