New World Punx Are Making A Comeback

We spotted the duo on a flyer in Miami. What could all of this mean?

Yup, you read it. And you read it here on EDMTunes first. The last time we heard from the Main Floor Trance duo was a while ago, around 2016 or so when they played in Chile. That all might change, though: Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz may be returning as New World Punx, at least coming back to playing shows together.

We’ve kept our eyes peeled, and, well, we might’ve found something interesting. “WANTED. IF FOUND TEXT “NWP” 305-771-0388“. That was put on a flyer design, all over Miami. It couldn’t just be a coincidence, right? So we pitched it to Ferry. And he reposted it.

A Comeback?

Very recently, the M2 Miami Instagram account hinted even more towards this piece of news, which, by all looks, appears to be a reunion gig at their place. Check their post below.

Judging by this other Instagram post, August 18th seems to be the chosen date, just one month from today. We’ll stay on the look for further information. And if you’re a so-called Trance Warrior, we’d encourage you to stay up to date with the latest information on NWP’s return!

About New World Punx

New World Punx is a Big-Room Trance duo, born around ten years ago. Its members? None other than Trance heroes Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz. Their music served as a response to those years’ sudden love and praise for the Big Room sound dominating the EDM scene. Artists like Martin Garrix, the non-hardstyle phase of Showtek, Sandro Silva, and all sounds coming from Spinnin’ Records and Revealed Recordings set the rules for the rest.

Under the alias, Ferry and Markus released tracks such as ‘Romper‘, ‘Torque‘, ‘Bang‘, and ‘Memories‘.