Martin Garrix Apologizes To Avalan for Accusations

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Martin Garrix

Last week, the four-time DJ Mag World’s #1 DJ, Martin Garrix, made accusations about a track that Dutch DJ Avalan and producer duo AlterBoyz recently made. The track is ‘World We Know‘, and Garrix claimed that Avalan and AlterBoyx copied one of his unreleased IDs and produced their latest track, using the same chords and melodies that he had used a few years ago through an Instagram post that he uploaded.

The accusations came around the same time as Garrix’s different comments about another unreleased single which he produced with British progressive house duo Third Party that got ripped off by an unknown producer. On July 17th, Martin Garrix publicly stated that he had interacted with Avalan in person and apologized to him for making the aforementioned accusations.

Martin Garrix says ‘sorry’ to Avalan and both parties clear misunderstandings

Martin Garrix made his public statement by uploading a post on Instagram Stories, saying that he apologized to Avalan for accusing him of copying an unreleased ID. Garrix even took a selfie with Avalan, confirming that the latter accepted his apology. During his public apology to Avalan, Garrix also said that he got to understand how the former composed his music so that both parties can clear any misunderstandings.

Afterwards, Avalan posted a picture of the same selfie on Instagram with the caption, “Pure coincidence” and tagged Garrix too. To emphasize this special moment, Avalan’s tagging of Garrix showed the fans that everything is definitely all good between the two artists. Through this moment, it seems like a partnership between both parties is very likely to happen in the near future.

Martin Garrix Apologizes to Avalan for Accusations
Image Courtesy: Martin Garrix’s official Instagram account