KREAM Reworks Coco Star’s Iconic Track ‘I Need A Miracle’ 

Norwegian duo KREAM unleashes the awaited ‘I Need A Miracle‘ featuring Coco Star, a fresh take on her iconic track.

This track started as something we wanted to make for LIQUID: LAB, we love incorporating classic dance records into everything we do. When we started playing it at festivals earlier this year, we knew we had to get it out in the summertime, and we’re so excited to share it everywhere finally.


With catchy lyrics and an Electro approach, this rendition delivers an enjoyable and impactful experience. The drops fuse different musical elements, creating a powerful and satisfying impact. Oldschool plucks meet new-school percussion, rolling basslines, and a vocal line easily recognizable by the vast majority of EDM listeners out there.

The duo is no stranger to great beats, though. KREAM’s recent release ‘Sweat‘ received a great reception, solidifying their status in the electronic music scene and this new track continues their outstanding track records. Coco Star, on the other hand, had her voice circle around the whole world through different versions of her ‘I Need A Miracle’, the most famous of which was originally a mashup (then, an official release) with Fragma, commonly referred to as ‘Toca’s Miracle‘.

KREAM & Coco Star ‘I Need A Miracle’ is already available on Musical Freedom, check out the track just below and let us know what you think.