In-Depth Interview with Manu P, Andrea Rubolini, and Federico Rosa on Their Experience Behind the Decks

Welcome to an exclusive interview with three remarkable artists who have left a unique mark on the Electronic music scene, Manu P, Andrea Rubolini, and Federico Rosa, are the three talented DJs and producers whose boundless creativity have captivated audiences worldwide. In this interview, we’ll uncover the inspirations behind their musical journeys, their beginnings, explore their unique styles and techniques, and gain insights into their careers and experience. 

Hello Manu, Andrea, and Federico! Firstly, we’d like to know, how did you first get interested in DJing, and what inspired you to pursue it as a career? 

MANU: Hey, music has always been something I enjoyed, in all its genres. But honestly, I can’t remember why I got into this field when I was young. 

ANDREA: Hey, since I was little, I was attracted and curious about music. After a few years of playing the guitar, around the age of 14, I dived into the world of DJing and production. 

FEDE: I’ve always been passionate about stereo systems, and when I was little, during house parties with friends, I was always the one preparing CDs to play on the stereo. So, at the age of 16, I decided to buy my first console. 

What was your first gig like? How did you prepare for it, and what did you learn from the experience? 

MANU: My first real live gig in a club was a school party back in high school. I wasn’t nervous or excited at all. It was all very calm, which still happens to me now. 

ANDREA: My first gig at a venue was during a carnival matinee, 15 years ago. I was really excited and somewhat anxious, but it went very well and gave me a lot of motivation and drive to keep improving. 

FEDE: My first real live gig was at a DJ contest in a club near my hometown. I didn’t win the contest, but it opened many doors for me in the industry. 

Who were your biggest influences when you first started DJing? How did they impact your style and technique? 

MANU: Initially, the first big influence was the Diabolika party that was popular in Italy during those years, and then there were many other sources of inspiration. 

ANDREA: My first real influence was Richie Hawtin and his label Minus, followed by Luciano and the label Cadenza, and eventually Ricardo Villalobos, who is perhaps still my favorite today. 

FEDE: I started playing all kinds of music. Initially, I was very passionate about EDM music. At the time, I followed artists like Martin Garrix, Skrillex, and Deorro, to name a few. But as I grew older, I realized that it wasn’t what I truly loved. Later on, I fell in love with the underground Techno and Tech House scene. Today, I can say that my biggest influences definitely come from parties like Elrow and ANTS. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a DJ, and how did you overcome it? 

MANU: I don’t have major challenges, but rather ongoing challenges to overcome. As soon as I overcome one, I set another one for myself. 

ANDREA: Every day, I feel like I have new challenges. Step by step, I try to do better and constantly grow. I like challenges; they put me to the test. 

FEDE: Building a career in this industry constantly brings new challenges. But my biggest challenge is with myself. 

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable gig or event you played, and why it was so special to you? 

MANU: Definitely the first time I played to over 1000 people at The Cage. It was something completely mine, so it had a greater value. 

ANDREA: One of the most memorable gigs that comes to mind is when I had an opening set for Carl Craig and Francesco Tristano at the Umbria Jazz stage in Perugia in the summer of 2014. 

FEDE: Playing on New Year’s Eve in the sports arena of the town where I was born, in front of an audience of over 2000 people, was definitely a special moment. 

How would you describe your musical style, and what sets you apart from other DJs in your genre? 

MANU: I can’t even define my genre. I switch between House and Techno. What I can tell you is that a good DJ must be able to read the crowd very well. 

ANDREA: I can’t easily define it, but currently, I love incorporating influences and samples from the 80s/90s into my sets and productions, blending them into what we can call “Tech House.” 

FEDE: I have a predominantly Tech House style with Minimal Techno influences. Energy is at the core of my sets. 

Can you walk us through your creative process when selecting and mixing tracks for a set? How do you read the crowd and adjust your music choices accordingly? 

MANU: Well, as I mentioned earlier, for me, a good DJ understands the crowd and, if truly skilled, leads them to listen to what he likes. 

ANDREA: I select music based on the emotions it evokes in me, whether it’s funky, House, or Tech House. If it can communicate something to me or capture the moment. As for the choice during a set, I try to play music that involves the dancefloor as much as possible, as well as myself at that moment. 

FEDE: I start by selecting music that represents me as much as possible. During my set, I always try to create a journey that transmits energy. You also need to understand the crowd, whether to play a more Techno or House track, or the right “commercial” track at the right moment. You need to please the crowd if you want to have fun and create the right mood. 

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs who are just starting out in the industry? 

MANU: Never give up because you’ll face a lot of disappointments. There are many opportunists in this industry. 

ANDREA: Without a doubt, work hard and seriously, always following the sounds and genres that genuinely convey a feeling and emotion. 

FEDE: Study and do what you love. It takes time, but if you believe in it and give it your all, results will come sooner or later. 

What’s next for you in terms of your DJ career? Do you have any exciting projects or events coming up? 

MANU: I would love to play at the biggest international festivals and have my own stage, even if it’s small, at Tomorrowland with The Cage. 

ANDREA: Currently, I’m working hard on new productions. I have about ten tracks ready, most of which are in negotiation with excellent labels. As for new gigs and projects, there are many things brewing 🤞🏻. 

FEDE: I’m working on new music and developing my own brand. Soon, there will be new releases, and I also have many confirmed gigs here in Italy for the summer. 

Finally, can you share a fun fact about yourselves that your fans might not know? 

MANU: Oh, I don’t know. 

ANDREA: Hmm, I have a good memory. I remember almost all the titles and album covers of the records I own. 

FEDE: Honestly, nothing comes to mind… 

In this interview, Manu P, Andrea Rubolini, and Federico Rosa have shared more details about their journeys in the world of DJing and production; from their initial spark of passion to the challenges they’ve overcome, their stories reflect the dedication and talent required to succeed in the Electronic music industry. As they continue to evolve and create new music, we eagerly anticipate their upcoming releases and performances, that promise to keep the bar high. 

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