Innellea Remixes The Electronic Music Classic ‘In And Out Of Love’ of Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren continues his journey through the Melodic Techno and progressive remixes of his most iconic classics. Innellea, the German duo, remixed the 2008 theme ‘In And Out Of Love’, following a long line of remixes, some very popular like the one belonging to Lost Frequencies and another to Nikko Culture. This new version contains elements of the underground with a touch of Trance and Vocal Pop that made the original track unique. It is available now via Armada Music.

The Innellea remix of ‘In and Out of Love’ is a Melodic Techno track that takes the original song’s trance elements and adds a darker, more driving sound. The remix opens with a deep bassline and arpeggiated synths, which Sharon Den Adel’s vocals joined later. The vocals are processed to give them a more ethereal sound, and they blend seamlessly with the instrumental track.

“‘In And Out Of Love’ together with Sharon Den Adel was released 15 years ago, time flies! I’m thrilled to see that you still enjoy this song, so Innellea gave it a new spin with this incredible remix. I hope you like it!”

Armin van Buuren on Instagram
In and out of love Innellea

The remix builds in intensity throughout, with the bassline becoming more pronounced and the synths becoming more distorted. The track reaches a climax in the final minute, with a powerful drop that is sure to get you moving. The remix then fades out slowly, leaving you with a sense of euphoria.

Innellea has us more than accustomed to truly cinematic journeys through his aural works, but without ceasing to circumscribe the elements that make his style an enjoyable ethereal techno. It is an ideal track for clubs around the world, regardless of the specific conditions they have. It is, in short, a balanced balance between modern elements and Sharon den Adel’s classic voice with a touch of Armin van Buuren’s signature style.

You can listen to ‘In And Out Of Love (Innellea remix)’ below!