Hot Since 82 – ‘Love Me’

Renowned British DJ and producer Hot Since 82 has once again graced the electronic music scene with his latest single, ‘Love Me.’ This highly anticipated track serves as a testament to his exceptional talent, creative prowess, and versatility as a producer. The song is featured on his own label, Knee Deep In Sound.

Hot Since 82, known for his ability to craft captivating soundscapes, delivers a mesmerizing composition that takes listeners on an enchanting musical journey. With its infectious beats and emotive melodies, ‘Love Me’ reflects the producer’s talent.

‘Love Me’ has recently been a staple in Hot Since 82 sets. The Brit really delivered something different, as he said in the Instagram post about the song. Check it out in action below.

Obviously, the track is perfect for festival season. With ‘Love Me,’ Hot Since 82 once again solidifies his position as a leading figure in the electronic music scene. You can listen to the record below and on all available streaming platforms. You can also check out where the DJ will perform this summer on the tour page of its official website.

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